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VR Camera and VR camera in Los Angeles area We are a group of independent VR360 / VR180 camera professionals, specializing in Virtual Reality capture , based in Los Angeles, California.

We have been at it pretty early in the game. Not 1970s early, but early enough when most people would not know what "VR" stood for. We have gained a significant amount of experience with pretty much all camera systems available out there at a given time, focusing on the capture of live action / live motion for VR 360 end products , domestically and internationally.

One of the challenge has been the reliability of (broadly) camera equipment sold or rented. And until used in a production environment, it is always very hard to know if you're being sold a dream, or solid solution. No systems are perfect, and experience is what allows you to anticipate potential issues.

You will find here a few items we have for rent that we found to be good tools to assist the capture for VR360 use.

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Z-Cam S1 Pro

The Z-Cam S1 Pro is one of the only large sensor solution designed from the ground up to capture 360 content.

4x camera system with m4/3 sensors,  the best low light system at the moment you will find, unless you go with a custom kind of rig.

included in the kit:

  • S1 Pro
  • 8x SanDisk V30 64 gig cards (that is 2x sets of 4x cards, 2h12 min of footage per set).
  • Pepwave router (allows camera control and monitoring over wifi).
  • TP Link router kit (smaller router, smaller range, this is a back up.
  • 2x tip 5 to P-tap
  • 2x P-tap extension
  • 2x 5ft Ethernet cables
  • Gold Mount plate
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Dynacore Battery

We have 155 watt hour and 95 watt hour.

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Lexar Workflow HR2

The Lexar Workflow HR2. The most convenient solution we found to offload multiple cards at the same time. It does USB 3 and Thunderbolt 2.

This is a stock picture, but we have 4x SD card modules (1x slots per module) and 4x micro SD card module (3x slots per module).

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Contact Us

Contact us by email if you are interested to rent some of our gear. We are based in Los Angeles, California.

Obviously, feel free to reach out if your project needs to integrate some of the most experienced VR camera crew of Los Angeles (with or without renting from us).